How to Measure a Yard for a Dumpster

Calculating the capacity of a garbage container is easy. All you need to do is multiply the interior dimensions in feet (L x W x H) together to obtain its volume in cubic feet. Then divide that number by 27 to convert the measurement to cubic yards. This is the standard way of measuring the capacity of a dumpster at any garbage bin rental company.

For instance, a 10-yard trash can holds 10 cubic yards of debris. A 20-yard bin is suitable for a wide range of projects and can accommodate around 10 loads of trash and truck debris. Generally, one cubic yard is equivalent to 5-6 13-gallon garbage bags. To help you decide which size dumpster you need, you should consider the overall volume and dimensions of each container.

The outer dimensions of the garbage container are usually measured in feet. To calculate the volume of a dumpster, simply multiply the outer dimensions of width, height, and length in feet and then divide the final figure by 27 to determine the total volume in cubic yards. For example, if you need a 20 yard, 30 cubic yard, or 40 cubic yard container for your project, you'll need to measure the dimensions of a rolling container. You should also use your measurements to estimate the weight of your debris before renting the container.

Common dimensions for a 40-yard trash bin are 22 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet high. To determine how much waste the trash can safely hold and therefore dispose of, you will need to cover the volume of the bin in cubic yards. A 10-yard bin may be appropriate for smaller residential cleaning projects.

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