What is the Largest Dumpster Rental Size Available?

When it comes to large-scale projects, such as construction, renovations, or commercial cleanings, you may need to rent a large dumpster. But what is the largest dumpster rental size available? Construction dumpsters, also known as rolling containers, are the largest containers typically stocked by bin rental companies. These large, open containers can serve multiple purposes and are usually rented out on a temporary basis by companies. They come in sizes up to 8 yards and are divided into two main types: front loaders and rear loaders.

The largest rolling bins available are 30 and 40 cubic yards. These are ideal for large scale or long term projects and can adapt to jobs from commercial cleanings to major home remodeling. A 40-yard container is the largest size available in most markets and can hold approximately 10 loads of trash and truck debris. For smaller residential cleaning projects, a 10-yard bin may be appropriate.

Ninety-five gallon containers (also known as rolling carts) are used by small businesses and households where a normal container would be too small, but a normal container would be too large. When renting a large container, make sure to check the dimensions of the container with the conveyor and compare it to the space you have available. Also keep in mind that all garbage containers you rent include upfront pricing, so you know the total cost of your rental beforehand. Waste Connections is here for our customers when you need to rent a large container for residential or commercial projects. Our rolling containers are available throughout the United States & Canada, simply use our location search tool to find the nearest Dumpster Rental company.

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